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  • SCC_Listing_Image_530x500

    Saudi Cement

    With a new brand identity showing their significant presence in the regional cement industry, 4SPOTS has created a Website that translates Saudi Cement’s market dominance on the digital front.

  • Arbah_Listing_Image_530x500

    Arbah Capital

    In digital era, corporate image plays a key role in people’s perception of the company. Having a well-organised and visually attractive Website has now become essential in order to inspire confidence in their clients.

  • Lexus2_Listing_Image_530x500


    4SPOTS introduced a restructured Website that adhered to the international Lexus brand guidelines, which in turn became the de facto standard adopted by some other Lexus Websites around the world.

  • TIMA_Listing_Image_530x500


    This eCommerce website has a carefully planned transition model, from the collections showcased, to the transactional section, with a focus on converting users while they engage with the brand.

  • STL_Listing_Image_530x500

    Student Links

    This intuitive portal allows employers to connect with potential interns. A payment gateway is also integrated to allow students to pay their yearly membership.

  • Hyundai_Listing_Image_530x500


    First Motors website was revamped from ground up with a restructuring of the information architecture and a modern and vibrant design.

  • Nissan_Listing_Image_530x500


    With Social Media, 4SPOTS team cooperated with Nissan to have 50,000+ brand loyalists and 11% steady engagement rate.

  • BIC_Listing_Image_530x500

    Bahrain International Circuit

    Initiated by His Highness Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, honorary president of the Bahrain Motor Federation, and opened in 2004, the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) hosts the annual Bahrain Grand Prix, a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship. This makes it a key part of the sport’s elite.

  • KKU_Listing_Image_530x500


    This student portal is a massive solution to any standard. UX was given prime importance to ensure that the students can easily perform all administrative and educational functions.

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